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Comprehensive Services

  • Information and Intelligence

  • Multinational Program Expertise

  • Placement of Admitted Policies

  • Program Administration

  • Premium Accounting

  • Training and Education


Globex Insight

Globex Insight is an online platform to provide local country information and intelligence that is practical and easy to understand. It is on an annual subscription basis and per line of coverage, which covers the following:

  • Laws and Regulations
  • Country Nuances
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Market Practice
  • Accounting Requirements

The first line of coverage – MARINE is set to be launched in 2020


We offer paid training sessions (in-person and Webinars) on all subjects of international insurance, from “Multinational Insurance 101” to “How to Structure a Controlled Master Program” and from “How to Calculate Taxes” to “Foreign Reinsurer Registration Nuances.”

We can customize the subjects of interest and the formats to fit your agenda.

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