About us

Company Structure

We operate in a “matrix” corporate structure designed to achieve a customer-driven result with maximum efficiency, control and flexibility.

Operating Divisions

Globex International Group is comprised of two major operating divisions, each with its own objectives and client base.

Headquartered in our New Jersey office, the Globex Broker services equips select independent regional and national agents, brokers, and consultants with the global capability necessary to identify, target, win, and retain lucrative multinational clients. The GBS division includes the Globex Property & Casualty and Health & Benefits departments.

Headquartered in our Connecticut office, the Globex Underwriting Services division provides international underwriting and placement services to a select number of insurers (Partner Markets) who do not have an in-house international department or an international network of underwriters. The GUS division includes the premium accounting Global Processing Services (GPS) and Captives departments.

Supporting Divisions

Globex is further subdivided into three divisions that work closely with both the Broker Services and Underwriting Service divisions:

Headquartered in France and the United Kingdom, Globex Europe is responsible for building and maintaining our worldwide network of Partner brokers, developing new business opportunities into the United States, and coordinating multinational business for our Partners.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Globex Asia provides assistance and support with multinational accounts in Asia.