Partner Broker Network

We're all on the same Team

Globex Partner Brokers form an elite team of leading regional and national brokers and consultants around the world. 

They are carefully selected based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Range of capabilities
  • Geographic territory
  • Experience working with multinational clients
  • Size and market clout
  • English language ability


Upon selection and invitation to join Globex, Partner Brokers make a commitment to working within the Globex guidelines, and they are required to follow Globex standards for service and customer satisfaction.

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Key Globex Capabilities:

  • The Globex advantage

    A key component of a successful new business development strategy is strengthening and differentiating your value proposition from your competitors. Joining Globex will give you a huge edge over your competitors. By adding our global capability to your domestic value proposition, you can offer an unbeatable combination.
  • Differentiation

    Demand for international services has surged in recent years and we expect to see even more interest in the upcoming 18-24 months. Those who are in a position to take advantage of this trend will reap tremendous rewards.
  • Global Risk / Benefits Assessments

    Faced with a client’s demands for help managing their international insurance and benefits costs, most global brokers will start by going out to obtain quotes. In doing so, they miss out on an important opportunity to add real value by identifying strategies that can do much more than just manage costs.
  • Outsource your international headaches

    Winning a new multinational client can be rewarding, but servicing the international parts of that account can be difficult and time consuming. This is especially true for brokers who try to manage the international account through purely a “network” of foreign brokers. Globex offers a better way.
  • Enhance Revenue

    Worried about what’s happening in your marketplace? Maybe it’s time to diversify your portfolio. Demand for international insurance and benefits services is stronger than ever.

    Through Globex, you can add global clients to your portfolio.
  • Join us!

    Regardless of where we are in the business cycle, change is never very far away. And when the next change comes, fortune will shine most brightly upon those brokers who planned ahead.