Managing Global Risk since 1993

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An increasing number of companies are expanding internationally, and a growing number of these companies want to exercise control over their worldwide insurance and benefits programs at the Home Office level. The principal objectives are to manage costs and effectiveness of their program on a global level, while remaining compliant and competitive at the local level in each country. Faced with these challenges, clients will turn to their insurance broker, consultant or underwriter, fully expecting a global response.

For the vast majority of insurance providers this creates a dilemma. Building your own in-house global risk management capability can be expensive, time-consuming, and often unprofitable in terms of the international revenues it will generate. Not being able to provide international solutions to multinational clients (and prospects) will eventually push those clients into the arms of a competitor.

That is why a growing number of strong regional brokers as well as large regional and national underwriters partner with Globex International. As a Globex Partner Broker or Partner Market, you can offer your clients a full range of global insurance, risk management and employee benefits services – admitted, compliant and competitive – in an extremely cost-effective manner.