Globex Asia

Asia Continues to Evolve

Asia continues to evolve and today plays a very important and critical role in the world’s economy.  This continued development will eventually change how the world economy grows. By 2025, almost half of the Fortune/Global 500 companies (240) will be based in Asia, up from 24 in 2000.* 

We realize the importance of this region so, on December 1, 2008, we opened a representative office in Beijing, China to facilitate the development and servicing of multinational business in Asia.  The office staff provides coordination services to both Brokerage and Underwriting operations.  The office complements the current services provided via Globex’s European-based operation.

“The opening of a Beijing based Representative Office has been a long- term objective of ours, in order to further enhance the service we provide to our Partner Brokers and Markets worldwide. Being able to provide international risk management expertise AND excellent service have been the keys to our success. Now we will be able to offer all our Partners and their customers our risk management services literally 24 hours a day,” said Douglas Fay, President of Globex.

Globex’s Asian focus is on Asian investment outside home territories especially in Africa and Latin America.  We also focus on servicing the needs of foreign investments into Asia in both the Brokerage, as well as Underwriting disciplines.


* Source: McKinsey Global Institute Company Scope database of companies with revenues > $1 billion a year