About us

Management Team

Douglas B. Fay

President - Globex International Group

“Globex International was founded in 1993 on principles and opportunity that remain valid today. The world continues to get smaller and companies of all sizes continue to expand outside their home territory. Today it is more important than ever for companies to protect their assets and investments and ensure they have a solid GLOBAL risk management program in place. Globex’s mission is to enable our Partner Brokers and Insurance Companies to offer their clients the same degree of risk management services internationally as they do domestically. The Globex team is made up of seasoned multinational insurance experts. As a team, we offer our Partners an unsurpassed knowledge base and international expertise found nowhere else in today’s marketplace. While the global economy will continue to present challenges to all organizations, Globex is well positioned to assist our Partners and their clients to take advantages of these ‘opportunities’.”

Paul V. Bender

President, Partner - Globex Broker Services

“Regional brokers face a dynamic challenge in keeping up with the pace of change of their clients’ global exposures.  More importantly, the opportunity for additional revenue and winning accounts using the international lead is more pervasive than at any time before in our careers.  All that is required is a commitment, practice and a dedicated experienced international team to work with.  To this end, Globex maintains a fully staffed “Global Business Unit” ready to respond in order to win accounts at any level, as well as to maximize Reverse Flow opportunities from overseas domiciled multinationals.”

Michael Moody

Partner, Property & Casualty - Globex Broker Services

“It is a prerequisite of international credibility to be able to access an overseas network of servicing brokers. It is not, however, a point of differentiation. It is the individual and collective international experience of the team that provides such differentiation – which Globex has been providing to its partners since 1993.”

Donald E. Wiening

Senior Vice President, Health & Benefits - Globex Broker Services

“Multinationals of all sizes have been searching for a servicing partner who can deliver a comprehensive, global benefits solution. Through Globex, our Partner Brokers can meet that requirement and offer their clients a wide range of international benefits consulting, placement and ongoing benefits management services. This gives them a tremendous advantage over their local and regional competitors while leveling the playing field as they compete against the global brokers and consultants. For more than fifteen years, the Globex Health & Benefits team has helped our Partners identify, target, win and retain multinational clients. We’re proud of the results so far but are even more excited about the opportunities yet to come.”

Asha Gehani

Senior Vice President, Global Network Department - Globex Underwriting Services

“Companies that aim to grow strategically in a multinational manner have to learn how to conduct business in the international arena. One of the biggest challenges in international business is understanding country nuances and local regulations. Working with China is not the same as working with Botswana, nor is it the same as working with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At Globex Underwriting Services, we offer you a combined multinational experience of over 200 years, and together our experts speak over 15 languages. We are in contact with our extensive network on a daily basis, offering real-time solutions and providing access to independently run local markets all over the world.”

Thomas Gu

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific - Globex Underwriting Services

“Never before has insurance industry encountered more challenges than it does today in meeting the insureds’ need for regulatory and tax requirements in countries where they are operating. Compliance in the insurance sector nowadays is ever more “demanding” and “relentless.” This trend has pushed the insureds to seek a truly global and compliant insurance solution to protect them from, among many others, compliance related risks. Globex Underwriting Services is providing fully outsourced and independent multinational services to those insurance companies who may yet have built their own global networks or choose to outsource, with in-depth international experience and expertise. We are here to provide turn key global solutions to help our clients meet their compliance challenges of insurance regulations and tax requirements with the support of our network in over 180 jurisdictions worldwide.”